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Kelli Jette begins at CAC Southeast

Kelli Jette is just beginning her new career as Executive Director of the CAC and has a vision for future opportunities that will benefit the children in Southeast Indiana. Jette (pronounced jet-ee) comes to the team notably experienced in her work with children and youth. She is ready to help families that come through the door building upon the incredible programs that are currently in place. 

In her first few weeks at the CAC, Jette observed the team methodically and dutifully working with the children and families. Jette says, “I am very impressed with the people here. This is one of the finest teams I’ve seen in my experience.”

Originally from Dearborn County, Jette received a Bachelor’s in Music Education from Mount St. Joseph University. She later earned her Master’s degree in Special Education from Xavier University and completed a Ph.D. at the University of Cincinnati in Educational Studies. 

Her educational background closely tracked her professional experience. “I was a teacher at South Dearborn Community School Corporation,” she recalls. There she would meet and teach alongside current CAC Southeast Associate Director Kelly Bridges. “I also taught at an alternative school in the Cincinnati Public School District,” she says. Additionally, Jette is an Associate Professor/Program Coordinator at the University of Cincinnati supervising the Human Development and Community Engagement undergraduate degree program.  

While working with non-profit organizations serving youth in the Greater Cincinnati area, the Executive Director position became available at CAC Southeast. Jette was thrilled to be selected by the CAC Southeast Board of Directors.

Her first weeks as the new Executive Director have been filled with meeting prosecutors, caseworkers, and law enforcement professionals across ten counties. Jette has also been meeting her colleagues around the state. A meeting of the Indiana Chapter of the National Children’s Alliance in mid-September has enhanced her understanding of the mission of child advocacy centers around the state.“Everyone’s just been so welcoming and willing to share information,” she says. 

Jette has begun focusing on the future of CAC Southeast and the potential for new areas of growth and expansion. “I’d love to increase our outreach potential and expand our prevention programs in schools,” she says. CAC Southeast has already grown a respectable outreach and prevention program in Ripley and Dearborn Counties despite early Covid-related school closures. 

As Jette dives head-first into the mission of CAC Southeast, she is excited for the opportunity to serve her community and the children and families of Southeastern Indiana. You can email Kelli Jette with questions or wish her well at

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