This year’s Mardi Gras event has been canceled, but your support is still critical to our continued mission. Learn how you can help

Pick up something for CACSEI on your next trip to the store or online

Please Consider organizing a collection of items from our Wish List.  This can be a great team building activity at work; fun activity for your club or church, and a very meaningful way to give back to your community.  Every donation is truly appreciated.

You can also make a monetary donation online
It’s secure, fast, uses your credit or debit card, and can be done anonymously if you wish.

To organize a large-scale donation, drop-off, or donation event idea Contact Shannon Perry at 812-432-3200.

Help us keep hungry kids happy while they wait at CACSEI

  • 8 oz bottles of water
  • Juice boxes
  • Individually packaged, non-perishable snacks like
    • Chips
    • Gold Fish
    • Fruit snacks
    • Cookies
    • Applesauce pouches
    • Animal Crackers or Cookies
    • Cheese Crackers

Our teams get hungry on long days, too! Help members of our multidisciplinary team with these adult snack ideas

  • 16 oz bottle water
  • Keurig Coffee / Tea Pods
  • 12 / 24 packs of Pepsi, Sprite, Diet Coke, Mt. Dew, Coke
  • Peanut Butter filled Pretzels
  • Assorted bags of chocolate or candy in individual/bite size candy bars
  • Disposable coffee cups with lids

Keep our office running smoothly

  • White copier paper
  • Business size envelopes
  • White card stock
  • Postage stamps
  • Address labels

Janitorial Supplies

  • Tissues
  • Hand Soap
  • Water Softener Pellets 
  • Driveway Salt
  • Lysol Spray
  • Clorox / Lysol Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer

These family and children’s supplies help families in emergencies, crisis, or in immediate need

  • $10.00 Gas Gift Cards
  • $10.00 Restaurant Gift Cards
  • $10.00 Dollar Store Gift Cards
  • $10.00 Walmart Gift Cards
  • Manipulative toys like Fidget Spinners, Magic Sand, Silly Putty, Foam stress balls
  • Baby wipes
  • Small backpacks
  • Extra sets of gently used or new clothes can also help families who stay into or arrive during the night

CAC of Southeastern Indiana

CAC of Southeastern Indiana