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CAC Southeast hiring a forensic interviewer

Responsibility Summary:

SUPERVISED BY: Executive Director/Associate Director

SALARY: Range based on experience/education

STATUS: Full-time position

BENEFITS: Vacation time, sick time, mileage, cellphone stipend, workman’s comp, healthcare stipend and retirement benefit

OFFICE LOCATIONS: Dillsboro (Dearborn County), Madison (Jefferson County) and Greensburg (Decatur, County)

DEFINITION: A professional position responsible for conducting highly specialized interviews of children reported to be victims or witnesses of abuse and/or neglect.

Minimum Job requirements:

Education: Bachelor’s Degree (minimum) or Master’s Degree (preferred) in social work, criminal justice, education or a related field.  Ideally, a minimum of two (2) years of professional experience working with children and families where abuse and violence are identified issues is required.  Position requires that the individual has been or will be trained in a nationally recognized forensic interview technique.

Job Description- Specific Duties:

  • Conduct forensic interviews of children and adolescents ranging in age from 2 to 18 years with varying developmental abilities.
  •  Must be available during regular office hours and occasionally after-hours.
  •  Facilitate pre/post interview multidisciplinary case staffing.
  • Respond to subpoenas and testify when requested.
  •  Assist with collecting and entering data into the case tracking system.
  •  Participate in supervision, peer review, professional development and on-going training activities including case tracking/review. 
  • Must be willing and able to drive throughout 10+ county region as needed. 
  • Act as a community liaison.
  • Conduct professional and community in-service trainings about interviewing and/or the dynamics of child abuse.
  • Exemplify leadership in improvement and assistance with the development of CAC programs and services.
  • Assist with coordinating interview schedule.
  • Maintain office(s) and provide day to day administrative duties including mail, phones, filing and distribution of information.
  • Perform other tasks and responsibilities as requested by Executive Director or Associate Director.

Job Description- Specific Requirements:

  • Must be able to work well with children of all developmental abilities, races, cultures, etc.
  • Must be able to work in stressful situations and utilize self-care methods.
  • Must be able to work independently as well as function as a team member and accept guidance and direction from Executive Director and/or Associate Director. 
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Must be able to meet on-call requirements to respond to crisis intervention.
  • Must be able to work with a variety of people, including clients and their families, professionals in the areas of law enforcement, medicine, education and agency employees.
  • Must possess strong organizational skills.
  • Must be able to adapt well to the structure and environment of the center.
  • Subject to background check, including Criminal and Child Protective Services.
  • Must have valid Driver’s License.

Physical requirements:

  • Must be able to deal with a variety of emotions under stressful situations and be able to deal with people who may be very upset. Emotional stability and personal maturity are important attributes in this position.
  • Requires normal range of hearing, eyesight, coordination and manual dexterity sufficient to record, prepare and communicate reports and operate office equipment. 
  • Requires ability to lift 20 pounds to waist height as well as bending, stooping and reaching when dealing with a variety of children. 

The ideal candidate will be collaborative and able to handle variety and stress in their schedule.

Position comes with a minimum one year probationary period. 

Projected Start Date: February 8th, 2021

Application must be received by: January 22, 2021

If interested, please mail resume and cover letter to:

Children’s Advocacy Center of SEI
ATTN: New Hire/Forensic Interviewer
12211 Rullman Drive
Dillsboro, IN 47018


Email resume to:

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Southeastern Indiana, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in the recruitment, employment, promotion, or transfer of qualified personnel, or in the administration of personnel practices based upon age, sex, race, ethnicity, nationality, handicap, or religion.

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