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We help children who have been abused, assaulted, or been witness to a crime.

Recently around the CAC of Southeastern Indiana

The pandemic is leading to improvements for the Children’s Hospital medical program at CACSEI

“Not only can we do forensic interviews remotely now because of the pandemic, but these alternative methods of delivering care have the scrutiny and blessing of top experts in the child abuse arena.”

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We’re hiring a forensic interviewer

The Children's Advocacy Center of Southeastern Indiana is hiring a forensic interviewer. These caring professionals work with children and families of informed abuse and multidisciplinary team members.

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We’re hiring a Victim Advocate

The CAC of Southeastern Indiana is hiring for a Victim Advocate. VA's are integral links between child victims of crime, their non-offending caregivers, and the criminal justice system.

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To report child abuse, call 911 in an emergency or call the Child Abuse Hotline at

What if a child you know told you they were being physically or sexually abused?

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